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    Best camping places in Auvergne for your dream holiday

    France is one of the most loved holiday destinations in Europe. Too often though, many tourists think of France and picture Paris, or maybe name the Cote d’Azur at best. What the average tourist does not usually consider is the rest of it, the heart of France. You should really reconsider this country as a whole: choose a stunning camping place in Auvergne for your next holiday with your beautiful escort.


    How to spend a memorable holiday in Auvergne

    You might have never heard of it before: Auvergne lies at the centre of France, where you can enjoy some of the best natural views in the country. This region has an old history that goes back to the Gallic tribe of the Arverni, one of the most powerful of the area. You can discover the history of this ancient region together with your breath-taking escort from EROS: you will find many museums dedicated to the Gauls and the Romans that will fascinate you.

    Among the biggest cities in Auvergne, you’ll find Clermont-Ferrand, Vichy, Montluçon and Aurillac, important from a cultural and economical point of view. Clermont-Ferrand is the capital city of the former administrative region of Auvergne, which is today merged with Rhône-Alpes. Here you can visit two of the most beautiful churches in France with your escort: Notre-Dame du Port, and the gothic cathedral Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption.

    But Auvergne is worth visiting not only for its monuments and museums: The Netherlands escorts from https://www.eros.com/ love this region especially for its fascinating natural sights. Two important rivers run in Auvergne: the Loire, and the Allier, which has shaped the famous Allier gorges.

    Most important, Auvergne has one of the highest concentration of volcanos in Europe: it includes 80 volcanos, with the Puy de Dôme being the highest with its 1,465 metres. To better enjoy these treasures of nature, you can choose to spend your holiday in a camping place: it’s one of the most loved holiday options of the Netherlands escorts.

    Choose from the best camping places in Auvergne for your next holiday

    This doesn’t mean giving up all the comforts: you will find comfortable camping places that are as good, if not better, than many starred hotels. Spending your holiday in such a place with your elegant escort will give you both a chance to be in closer contact with nature: you can go hiking in beautiful places, and then relax together by the pool, drinking the best local wines. This region has many locations to choose from, so you can find the one that suits your plans best.

    Why choose the same old – even if still romantic – Paris? Think outside the box for once: you have so many things to discover in Auvergne that are too often overlooked. And this includes beautiful historical cities, volcanos, river valleys, all the best that nature has to offer. It will impress the Netherlands escorts, and you will always have wonderful memories together in this stunning natural setting.


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